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MoMo 28 January: Mobile Tourism

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Dear MoMo Friends, Hope this email finds you well, safe and sound from all the recent flood in Jakarta. Tourism industry is one of Indonesia’s economic pillar. We serve millions of domestic and international tourists. Creating a good portion of contribution

MobileMonday 5th Anniversary Event @ 19 November 2012

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Hi Frieds of MobileMonday! You are cordially invited to come and join us in MobileMonday 5th anniversary celebration. Yes, we’ve started the community since 2007, and its 2012 already! Joining us are our special guests from MobileMonday Global community

Invitation to MoMo 11 Jun “Startup Pitching Night”

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It’s time for another MobileMonday event – yeah! (I know, it’s pretty close to the previous event, but we have eight good excuses) As you might notice there’s the upcoming Startup Asia event in Jakarta, and as part of the supporting community

Invitation: MoMo 28 May “Mobile Internet: Beyond The Growth Numbers”

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No doubt, mobile Internet has become the recent darling of Indonesian mobile industry. Growth in number of subscribers and revenue has been attributed to the growth of mobile broadband services, which is fueled by usage of Internet through mobile devices. Many

Free Tickets to Startup Asia Jakarta (June, 7-8th)

Guys, we are partnering with TechInAsia the organizer of upcoming Startup Asia Jakarta event. The event will be held on June 7-8th in Jakarta at Wisma Nusantara Annex Bld. It will be loaded with heavy weights from Asian + Indonesian digital entrepreneur & investor

Invitation: MobileMonday 30 April – Mobile Apps for the People

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Most of the headlines in the newspapers are around the middle class people in the cities. Urban life. All the malls and socialites. Surely it’s the hottest market at this moment. But let’s turn to the other part of Indonesia. We know that around 55%

Invitation to 19-Mar Event: “M2M – the next 50 billion?”

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As you know, we’re closing to pass the 6-billion-mobile-subscribers-on-earth mark (5.9 billion and counting). A very remarkable feast and left us sometimes wondering, what else to be connected… Pundits, analysts, and futurists believe, however, that there

MobileMonday 13 Feb 2012 – Co-host with Telkomsel

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Dear MobileMonday Friends, Welcome to the next MobileMonday event, co-hosted with Telkomsel and themed “Mobile Commerce in Digital Lifestyle: Opportunities and Challenges for 2012” This is a very hot and interesting topic. As noted by Tomi Ahonen (Pearls

Coming Up 17-18 January: BOOST Asia

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BOOST is a non-profit conference run by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs and for investors for investors with questions like these in mind. The conference will be held on January 17-18, 2012 at InterContinental Jakarta MidPlaza. Definitely something you shouldn’t

Mobile Marketing in Indonesia – Conference (23-24 Feb)

Igniting the Mobile Marketing Evolution: Connecting Millions, Empowering Billions This interactive and engaging conference on Mobile Marketing in Indonesia provides in-depth knowledge into the mobile milieu in Indonesia. Delegates will get first hand insights into