Recap – MobileMonday 16 March 2009: Mobile Internet Update

Recap – MobileMonday 16 March 2009: Mobile Internet Update

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Last night we touch one of our favorite subject – update on the trends and happenings in Mobile Internet world in Indonesia. Joining us among about 120 audiences are Zibin Cheah from Opera Software (our event sponsor), Rahmadi (Dodi) from Ericsson, Pahala form Mobile-8, and Steven from mig33.

Pak Dodi opened up the session with the update on LTE – the next generation radio access technology for mobile, or I should say simply the 4G. LTE performance target is very interesting: better spectrum efficiency, achieving more than 100 Mb/s and a very short latency – this should be one key technology that can get mobile broadband on par with fixed broadband!

Regulatory-wise, LTE has not been decided by our Gov’t… so let’s watch this promising space.

For the additional details, check out his slides (link to be provided).

Then, Zibin from Opera Software explains what Opera has been doing to drive standard-based and better web browing experience including the Tjarakan (next-gen Javascript engine). Two important highlights in my views are:

  • Indonesia continues to be in the top position for mobile Internet usage, second only to Russia. Data collected from Opera Mini statistics.
  • Top 10 sites visited from mobile are: Friendster (got like 50% of the traffic), Google, Facebook, peperonity, gamejump, my.opera, getjar, gratisindo, digg… this already generated majority of the traffic.

Zibin’s presentation can be found in this link.

Steven of mig33 then reinforces that mobile (data) usage in Indonesia is big. About 5.4 million registered users. (So assuming the proportion is consistent, there are 1+ mio daily sessions from Indonesia). He also shared a couple of their business perspectives – caught my attentions are (quoted):

  • Mobile internet opportunity is not the same as the desktop internet opportunity
  • First wave of successful applications are or lead to, utility that is coadjacent to the phone’s first value proposition – Communications!

Point number 1 will be a complete opposite of what Opera Software believes… but hey, it’s ok to disagree. His slide can be found here.

Next, Pahala Sinaga from Mobile-8, discussing some observations from mobile broadband market… First, the growth of broadband subscribers and users are still very lucrative – in his slide, he shared a very valuable data collected from various sources about growth, ARPU of broadband services in Indonesia. Secondly, he also shared the characteristics of services — e.g. price, mobility, modem bundling, etc — that people expect from their Internet services.

(I personally would like welcome them to this broadband services space, expecting that they can add value and alternatives to the market).

Mobile Internet is something very interesting. For all of the players. For users, as it is promising a new services that you can enjoy on your mobile phone. For developers, as this is the next growth and monetization area. And for operators (and vendors), because Internet will change a lot of assumptions – technical and business.

Watch this space. Don’t get left behind.

Special thanks, once again for Opera Software for sponsoring the MobileMonday March 2009 event.

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  1. Koen  - March 18, 2009 - 12:13 am

    Nice event. Great job, fellows :).
    If allowed, may I have mail address or mobile number of the speaker from Ericsson? (Mr Dodi or Mr Mulyana?)

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